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The Face Mask

CJ Mask is a leading respirator & surgical mask manufacturer in Korea. We have been in the hygienic & healthcare product industry for years.

The premium respirator is to protect you from particulate matters, like fine dust and airborne microbiological virus.

All our masks are applied to adequate filter media from Korea.
The ultimate goal is to protect healthcare personnel and the general public from contamination.

Quality for optimal protection

Maintaining high standard of manufacturing is the key of our product and guarantee its quality.

Our face masks are all certified by the Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety originally as a KF94 class.

The masks has been tested in European Laboratory and certified with CE marking in PPE category, FFP2, which proves our mask’s filtration efficiency is 94% or higher.

Features and Specification

nose-wire to fit into face
reducing the gap

elastic ear-loop

single use/disposable
3-ply sandwiched with melt-blown
polypropylene filtering media

length : 210mm
ear-loop band length 80mm

Filtation Efficiency 94% and higher

Certified by European Laboratory AITEX

Ergonomical design for breathing space

Flexi-wire to reduce leakage


Since Covid-19 broke-out, we are all fighting against the modern-era global scale pandemic.
We supported medical personnel and also supplying to the market at a relatively reasonable price.
We never thought to take in an opportunistic path.
The right ethics sustains quality this is our company ethos.

Our products have been called for respirators from a thousand miles away we never expected before.
We extended our production capacity to cope with the demands.

Please speak to us if you have different demand than our existing model. We may find a solution.

Quality Management first


Product Certificate

FDA Listed and Registered
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